Upcoming Lego Star Wars

Upcoming Lego Star Wars 2021

Upcoming Lego Star Wars 2021

Upcoming Lego Star Wars

For the past 50 years, Lego has released so many different packs for kids and adults. And there is more to come!

Lego Star Wars sets

The Lego franchise has been a host for a diversity of various films, games, and universes.

Lego Star Wars 2021

Nonetheless, Lego Star Wars is perhaps the best-known lego packs they ever released. A combination of good quality toys and enormously popular saga about Jedi results in Lego Star Wars.
Let’s see what they are about to release in 2021!

Kylo Ren’s Shuttle Microfighter (75264)

Kylo Ren or Ben Solo debuted in Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015. Now he can easily be recognized by its epic-looking sword and fancy helmet. But this Lego set is all about his vehicle.

Pitch black spaceship will be a nice addition to your collection. This set consists of 72 pieces, which is not that much. Easy to craft and great to look at — Kylo Ren’s Shuttle will fit all Star Wars fans.

T-16 Skyhopper Vs. Bantha Microfighter (75265)

This set is perfect for kids who are new in the Star Wars Universe. The Bantha Microfighter and its opponent T-16 Skyhopper are inspired by Star Wars: The Last Hope.

You’ll be able to construct a whole new creature of the Star Wars Universe — Bantha. There is a special place on the top of it — a saddle for you to put a minifigure on it.

First Order Trooper Battle Pack (75266)

This Lego set has only 105 pieces, but it has 4 cool minifigures. Youngsters will have a chance to build up their Army of the First Order.

This Lego Star Wars pack includes First Order Officer, Sith Trooper, and Sith Jet Trooper. Thankfully, this set also has an amazing high-quality spaceship. You can even put your soldiers inside of it.
First Order Trooper Battle Pack will be a great gift for people of any age.

Snowspeeder (75268)

Lego has a reputation as great spaceship creators. Nearly all their kits have at least one outstanding vehicle. This time Lego Star Wars has gone even further by introducing to us a whole new level of detail.
This build has a simple creation process and 91 unique pieces, which makes it quite engaging — it won’t take your time, but the result will amaze you for sure.

Besides, there are also 2 minifigures. Hopefully, Star Wars Rebel pilot hero Wedge Antilles and a Snowtrooper will inspire you to roleplay with your friends or your kids.

Duel on Mustafar (75269)

One of the most memorable scenes in all Star Wars movies is the Duel of Mustafar. With this set, you’re able to recreate the fight of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.

Boiling lava, fragile constructions, and lots of fire — all of it make this kit extremely exciting to build. Duel on Mustafar consists of 208 pieces of well crafted Lego bricks.
If you’re lacking imagination, you can always download the Lego Life app to visualize the cinematic scene. Plus, this set has rather simple instructions, so it won’t be hard for you to build it.

Obi-Wan’s Hut (75270)

This Lego Star Wars building set is truly massive. You’ve got 4 characters and dozens of building material. Legendary Obi-Wan Kenobi, young Luke Skywalker, trusty R2-D2, and a Tusken Raider are here for you to roleplay.

Arrange battles or have a drink all together with your family or friends. Obi-Wan’s Hut is another example of a great edifice you might want to place on your bookshelf.

Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder (75271)

Young padawan will appreciate this collectible since it stars C-3PO and its master Luke with his majestic blaster rifle. There are a plethora of tiny details like macrobinoculars.

The most dedicated customers will even be able to put a Jawa army cloak on an included minifigure. The most compelling part of this kit is the Landspeeder.
The very vehicle Luke Skywalker used back in the days to win the race is now available to all Star Wars fans. Amazing level of detail will make you believe you are a true Jedi.

TIE Dagger (75272)

One of the biggest kits in our list is Sith TIE Dagger. It was introduced in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and got beloved by the community.
470 pieces of material will widen your imagination and push the boundaries you once faced. Huge iconic spaceship and a few characters will make your day exciting as you get a chance to spend it with your relatives.

Lego Star Wars has always been based on your imagination and creativity, and this time is no exception. No batteries are needed for the ship. All epic scenes and fascinating stories are happening in your head!

Poe Dameron’s X-wing Fighter (75273)

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker introduced to us Poe Dameron and his ship. This large and dangerous-looking ship is a real threat to all the enemies of the Resistance.
Lego X-Wing Fighter set allows us to become R2-D2 droid as well as Poe Dameron himself and Knight of Ren with Jannah. They have all got blaster pistols and other weapons.

Youngsters will be able to recreate enthralling battles since there are lots of Lego minifigures. By the way, X-wing Fighter has a big size, so you gotta find a nice spot for it.

TIE Fighter Pilot Helmet (75274)

Lego Star Wars introduces to you a brand new Empire’s elite class helmet. Big sizes of this masterpiece and its stunning look will make your Star Wars collection even more brutal.
Know that this Lego set is quite complicated to construct. More than 7 hundred pieces and a complex structure will definitely challenge your building skills.

But the result is worth it! The helmet itself is set on a pedestal to make your work more epic. All in all, everyone will love this luxurious set in your living room.

D-O (75278)

All droid fans behold — there is a new remarkable Lego Star Wars set dedicated to D-O from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. A head size monument to a loyal droid will spark memories about him.

Even though D-O is small, his personality is enormous. He’s got a special stand for him to stay, so you’ll be able to place it anywhere in your room. You can even rotate 360 degrees.
By the way, this Lego set has specific antennas, and D-O’s head can tilt itself. Additionally, the kit includes step-by-step instructions so you can craft your masterpiece without any problems.

All of it makes D-O pack a marvelous present to all of your friends or relatives.

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